The following individuals comprise Cohencidence Productions, LLC, the team behind the camera.



Ousa Khun (Director/Editor) Ousa has been directing, editing, scoring and creating live action and digital animation content for short films, corporate videos and music videos for more than a decade. He recently directed two ultra-low budget films. With a budget of $10,000 each, he made them look like a million bucks. After an extensive director selection process (65 applicants), Ousa proved that he was the right man to helm this project. He brought outstanding direction, style and life to this film.


Joshua A. Cohen (Writer/Producer) is a screenwriter who founded and operates Cohencidence Productions, LLC. In the last 13 years, Mr. Cohen has written dozens of scripts, including features, shorts and serials. He has also produced a TV pilot/webseries, animation proof-of-concept and more than 20 short films and corporate videos. He is considered one of the best screenwriters and producers in Las Vegas, and people are eager to line up behind him in an effort to make this project a reality. Mr. Cohen graduated Cum Laude from Brandeis University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Creative Writing.


Jeremy Settles (Executive Producer) The founder and owner of GotFilms has more than two decades of experience in every function there is in film. He has written, directed, shot and produced two feature films and been instrumental in filming dozens of other projects. For Red Herring, Jeremy assisted Joshua in many of the production duties.


Richard Baldomero (Asst. Director) Richard has been in themedia business for over 10 years. After working for his high school AV team, he directed the Student Television Network at the University of Hartford, then worked as a professional videographer, editor and director for such giants as MGM Grand, Card Player, and Full Tilt Poker Academy. His personal projects have included a Las Vegas-based reality series and several well-received shorts, including the self-funded zombie movie, “No More Help.” Richard has won multiple awards for his behind-the-camera work, and he continues to work on his craft in movie making, striving to gain recognition as one of the best in the business. For “Red Herring,” Richard served as Ousa’s XO.


Kunitaro Ohi (Cinematographer) Kuni has worked behind the camera on dozens of features, shorts and commercials, and in every capacity. He recently DP’d an indie film on the RED ONE. After reviewing more than 35 demo reels, we determined that Kuni would be the best fit for the project. He brought a textured, creative eye to the project and was responsible for the look and feel. Kuni is pictured here with 1st AC Evan Luzi.


Karissa Barcelo (Script &Continuity Supervisor) Karissa just graduated from the film school at UNLV. She has performed Script & Continuity Supervisor for a feature film and several shorts. Since “Red Herring” was shot out-of-order, Karissa will be responsible for making sure all dialogue, wardrobe, props, time, and story elements jive together in logical, chronological order.




Diana Eden (Costume Design) is a multi-award-winning designer with 25 years experience in Hollywood and three Emmy nominations. She has designed costumes for 14 prime time series, 16 pilots, and innumerable features and short films. Diana and her art school interns directed all aspects of costumes, including design and continuity.





Laura Suzanne Snell (Head of Hair & Make-Up) is a makeup artist for all occasions.  She has worked on a wide variety of films, television programs and commercials. She has an outstanding eyefor detail and adapting her work to the project at hand.





Michael Damon (Composer) Although Ousa has composed and scored numerous films, he agreed it would be better to bring in an outside composer. After reviewing dozens of submissions, we chose Michael Damon, an accomplished indie composer with many feature films under his belt.



Alison Barfield (Key Hairstylist) has been working behind the chair as one of Las Vegas’ most educated and dedicated hairstylists for six years. This award-winning stylist has worked both hair and make-up for music videos and backstage at fashion shows. 


Additional crew includes:

  • Russell Grin, Executive Producer
  • Nicholle Sanchez, Asst. Producer
  • Robert & Phyllis Cohen, Assoc. Producers
  • Greg Morris, Assoc. Producer
  • Mike & Barbara Oxman, Assoc Producers
  • Zack Shisslak, Production Designer, Set Designer, Art Director & Prop Master
  • Chad Pickrel, 2nd AC
  • Dan Cristinoiu, Location Sound Mixer
  • Neil Curschman, Post Audio Mixer, ADR, Foley
  • Daniel Ayus, Key Grip & Gaffer
  • Laura Mora, Asst. Editor
  • Shawnn Slaughter, Extras Coordinator
  • Heather Hermann, Costume Asst.
  • Rich Hopkins, Stunt & Safety Coordinator
  • Ariel Kutzin, Costume Asst.
  • Joshua Brokaw, SFX Make-Up Artist
  • Breeana Vreeland, Hair & Make-Up Asst.
  • Tangier Holmes, Hair & Make-Up Asst.
  • TJ “Quicksilver” Cuenca, Asst. Stunt & Safety Coordinator, Fight Choreographer
  • Jace Whitten, Lead PA
  • Garii Raiman, PA
  • Travis Richards, PA
  • Chris Brown, PA
  • Darlene Delamareila, PA
  • Brian Baldomero, PA
  • Cornelius Miller, PA
  • Forrest Olinger, PA
  • Kristi Lugo, PA
  • Mike Stein, Legal Counsel